Who We Are

StatMap is a leading global supplier of front-to-back enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial business applications – accessible from any location and device – providing our clients with unique perspectives upon their business data through connecting systems and processes with the physical world.

Our Software Platform

StatMap pours all of our industry leading knowledge and skills into our eVO Platform; giving you industry leading cutting-edge technology, designed to be easy to use, clear and intuitive – so increasing efficiencies by removing time spent on decoding complex user interfaces.  eVO enables your business systems and data to be fully integrated with geospatial analysis, bringing an entirely new perspective and dimension to understanding and shaping your business to deliver outstanding results.

Our Clients

Our clients range from global engineering, surveying and financial companies, to national governments, local government and national / regional health authorities. Our teams comprise professionals with a vast array of expertise in a variety of disciplines ranging from software development and statistics through to financial analysis and management. The nature of our dedicated and highly experienced team means that we have a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by our clients.

The unique user experience is the differentiating aspect of the eVO platform. We look at what our clients need and work collaboratively with them to achieve exceptional results. We design, develop and evolve our software with these users in mind, with a full understanding of their business requirements and priorities are in order to maximise the benefits of geospatial applications to their business.

Agile development cycles which enable us to release new software every three or six months, enabling us to innovate faster and gather client feedback more quickly to evolve and push forward the software.

Moving to StatMap’s eVO platform involves more than just buying in to today’s technology, you’re buying into tomorrow and the velocity and momentum of continuing development of eVO and its ever evolving development to better suit your current and on-going needs to ensure that your organisation is given the cutting edge business advantage.

Spatial data in Earthlight is entirely scalable, enabling you to move seamlessly from datasets dealing with thousands of local records in very large scale applications in small geographic areas, to millions of records covering a global expanse. There is no restriction to the size and type of geographic associated data which you wish to use.

Your Input

We are a UK head-quartered company, but we provide software and services globally from our various offices. We don’t hide behind the sales department – you will always be able to deal directly with our technical and software development staff – and we are always keen to listen to your ideas and suggestions to continuously develop our software to meet each of your challenges. We have learnt from experience that building and sustaining collaborative relationships with our customers, which are based on partnership and mutual understanding, is always beneficial to both sides. Your input is critical, as it allows us to create products which continue to better fulfil your needs and embed spatial intelligence throughout your enterprise corporate structure.