Managing enterprise OS raster base mapping

Provided free with any eVO Platform application, Raster Loader, is the most agile and flexible Ordnance Survey raster base mapping loader software on the market.

With Raster Loader, you can manage unlimited geographical coverage of raster base mapping data for your organisation.

OGC GeoPackage:
Raster Loader supports the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) GeoPackage standard for storing raster data within the SQLite database.

This means that when raster data – including OS base mapping – is loaded using Raster Loader, it is usable not only by all of the eVO Platform application suite (e.g. Earthlight and Earthlight Public), it can also be used by OGC compliant desktop applications, such as QGIS 2.14 (and later).

Manage tile updates

Raster Loader enables you to load either updated map tiles, or full new base mapping extracts. Either way, Raster Loader can handle and upload huge datasets which cover unlimited geographical areas of raster data.

Other capabilities

Raster Loader does not only manage OS raster datasets, it is a rich and highly functional application and offers capabilities, including the following:

Digital Terrain Models

Raster Loader creates DTMs from ASCII files and TIF data types.

Shaded Relief, Aspect & Slope maps

Raster Loader uses ASCII and TIF files containing elevation data to create styling of mapping to emphasise height and slope.

Vector aspect directional arrows are created to demonstrate the aspect and run-off directions of DTM data. This is a powerful and useful visual indicator of run-off directions across DTM grid cells.

Create Contours

Raster Loader enables users to create vector contour maps from raster DTM layers.

Reproject Raster Layers

Reprojecting (or converting) raster layers (and base mapping) to other Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) is performed using Raster Loader. This can be to any one of over 5000 EPSG CRS.