eVO Platform provides a comprehensive, powerful and enormously scalable enterprise solution for medium surveying, estates, facilities management and consulting organisations.  Complete coverage is provided, via the Earthlight and Voyager products, for all capabilities required to meet business challenges within the sector.

eVO provides estates, surveying and engineering companies with the ability to closely control and disseminate data and functionality (e.g. editing and analysis) for all users.  Providing precisely the presentation of data, which users can edit, maintain and develop the data, corporate print templates for dissemination of hardcopies of mapping, etc.

Corporate geospatial empowerment

Earthlight provides enterprise-wide unlimited access – via the JavaScript browser client – to all advanced editing and analytical functionality.
Earthlight provides access to all advanced editing tools for maintaining client data, including Snap, Trace, Clone, Slice, etc. As an example, organisations of over 700 users are able to disseminate this capability instantly across the entire organisation, to users in geographically dispersed offices and in the field.

Of particular to estates and surveying clients, the following features of the eVO Platform have proven to be of great business value:

  • Powerful Symbology creation and editing – including data driven symbology.
  • Quantitative Analysis – using pie charts, stacked bars and interactive tools for managing filters and value ranges.
  • Printing templates: Earthlight uses powerful ‘What you see is what you get’ map print template creator for exporting highly stylised and annotated printing in PDF, jpeg, png, bmp, and tif.
    You are able to create, edit and manage rich and complex corporate print templates, providing precisely the designs of templates required by your business units.
  • Plot points from a spreadsheet – Earthlight provides the ability to plot points from a spreadsheet.

Example Business Areas: Property Agency, Portfolio Management

Advanced GIS and desktop replacement capabilities

The advanced aspects of the eVO Platform enable you to provide business specific functionality via the browser – enabling advanced analysis to be undertaken using capabilities normally only associated with expensive desktop applications. Yet eVO tools provides all of this capability via a browser client, and easy to access and use tools, including:

  • Georeferencing:  Earthlight and eVO Flows provide you with the capability of georeferencing paper and CAD plans / drawings.
  • Topology Validation: Apply rules for polygons, lines and points.A wide variety of topology rules available which can be implemented to meet individual dataset requirements. Rules can be defined between subtypes of features within one dataset or another.  As an example, you can enforce rules to ensure that a record type (or feature) is connected only to other features of a particular type or class.Examples of this are ‘Must Not Overlap’, ‘Must Not Have Gaps’, ‘Contains Point’, etc.

Spatial analysis: viewsheds, map algebra, and modelling.

Routing: eVO routing provides the capabilities for the analysis of multiple service areas, including multiple origin / destination.
Complex analytical routing problems can be resolved either in real-time – or on a scheduled basis.

Examples might be identifying areas for the location of new business premises which fall within particular travel times from a large number of origins of travel (i.e. where the journey started), such as employee addresses.

Publisher tools

eVO Flows provides advanced users with the ability to create new and innovative applications for deploying via the eVO server to all users throughout the organisation, consumed via the eVO JavaScript internet browser clients.

No need for coding or programming: such is the power of eVO flows, there is no requirement for coding or programming, as we adhere to the Citizen Developer principle: enabling organisations’ employees to take control of delivering applications across the enterprise, without relying upon those with specialist I.T. skills.

Business Area Examples: Assessment of Housing and infrastructure needs; Office relocation; Site Searching; EIA; One Public Estate.

Versions: managing corporate data change

Long Transactions

Some of your data will be mission critical and it is essential that close control is exercised over its currency and editing.

eVO provides your organisation with the capability of managing Long Transactions, which enable data teams for individuals across your organisation to edit and maintain mission critical data – and at the same time providing you with complete control over the version of the data and reconciling conflicts for geometry and network topology.

This very powerful functionality is available from only one other supplier on the market. More Information….

Data Driven Pages: creating map documents and map books for large property portfolio and cadastral management projects.

Example Business Areas: Land Referencing, and the Production of legal documents.

External Clients

You are able to provide fully customised functionality and data controls to external clients in order to assist them in understanding their data and undertaking any editing and updating that you may deem desirable.

Business Area Examples: Private estate management, including Facilities Management, Project stakeholder management.

In addition, our clients utilise features of the eVO Platform, such as the following:

  • Ease of Customisation
  • Developer Forum
  • Single Sign On
  • Azure Hosting
  • Hosted base mapping data services: eVO Data Services.

Business Area Examples: Private Estates; Portfolio property owners; Public Sector.