eVO Platfrom: service delivery

eVO Platform products enable utility companies and associated organisations to replace their entire software platform with a fully web-based system. It provides practically limitless scalability to your entire workforce: specialised applications and high-powered desktop replacement capabilities.

Earthlight: provides the ability to empower your users internally, providing fully customised business-specific applications, as well as general desktop-like replacement – all via JavaScript internet browser client interfaces.

Therefore, it is simple to manage your geospatial applications and data: delivering these across your entire organisation – instantly!

Voyager: providing Earthlight’s capabilities off-line, via mobile devices. Voyager enables your crews and field personnel to take your business, and its data, into the field: so maintaining it, then updating your enterprise eVO business data without even needing to return to the office; thanks to eVO’s remote synchronising capabilities.


eVO Platform provides a complete solution for electricity utility companies and associated organisations. It enables the provision of real-time data and information on: locations of crews, weather conditions, outages, demand, etc.


Locate all assets instantly across regional and national networks.  Assess need and prioritise work.

& Design

Assist in location based planning and identify new locations for assets and network apparatus.

& Maintenance

Locate outages, manage repairs, route crews. Manage and determine the means of land and asset access for crews.

Typical business functions which eVO Platform applications fulfil:

  • Vulnerabilty, Hazard, and Risk Assessments
  • Damage Assessment
  • Reporting Problems: assets, infrastructure and outages
  • Infrastructure Updates and new development

Gas Distribution Networks

eVO provides the complete solution for managing spatial data for networks and customers, using both enterprise and mobile applications to deliver excellence in safety, maintenance and growth of your business and assets.

& Forecasting

See clearly asset conditions and the entire network to improve maintenance and design of new network infrastructure.

Network Leak

Provide field collection capabilities and updating of asset infrastructure. Better manage and control risks.

& Response

Ensure gas deliveries are maintained and make more efficient responses to problems and emergency situations.


Visualising demographics, market trends, clustering of customers, market hotspots, and far more, is essential for successful market capture.

eVO provides you with the capabilities to target and focus business generation efforts. This brings the ability to gain market share without wasting time and money by making the most of your sales force through better understanding of where their endeavours will most likely bring success.


Allow employees to focus their market development on areas which fit particular target demographics and characteristics.


Better understand your existing customer base and tailor your services to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


Identify new business opportunities and develop new idea for products and services using spatial analysis. Enable eVO analytics to improve your strategies and so improve your market share.