Highways & Transportation

Effective Transportation and Highways management requires the most cost-effective tools to manage physical assets, human resources, and office and field operations. eVO Platform can help you plan, monitor, and manage strategic infrastructure more effectively. Use the location power of your data to determine capacity enhancements, improve operations, and identify the most strategic investments for maintaining your transportation infrastructure. eVO can make your stand-alone systems work smarter by connecting them, allowing you to unlock the power of your information systems. Plan a more intelligent infrastructure today.

Enables employees to make better operational and planning decisions, accelerate road improvement schemes and reduce disruption for road users.

The challenge of improving roads, tunnels, bridges, pedestrian areas and cycle paths can be tackled using the eVO Platform. It provides for:

  • a single, central source of information that provides clear, up-to-date data upon all road and transport related matters.
  • a full picture and locational information of schemes which are taking place
    multiple project teams to be able to collaborate in order to coordinate simultaneous projects, balance numerous priorities and minimise public inconvenience.
  • enabling you to have an out-of-the-box enterprise, server-based GIS platform and then use eVO to build business specific web applications – and deploy instantly. So enabling your investment in eVO to be continually multiplied many times over.
  • creating multiple internal and external projects, combining the sharing and analysis of data with its maintenance and development; eVO makes it all so simple.
  • unlimited numbers of layers made available to unlimited users throughout the organisation, including via specialised applications built within eVO Flows.

Maritime & Ports

eVO provides a COTS-based web-based system which meets all of your martime and port related GIS data management, analysis and dissemination requirements. eVO consumes all of your marine base mapping, and can handle any form of data you wish to incorporate.

For custom applications, because eVO is so simple and easy to develop, you do not have to concentrate upon the ‘how’, but rather on the ‘what’ and ‘when’. And because application development is so swift and easy using the visual build tools, the answer to ‘when’ becomes ‘immediately’.

eVO provides port and maritime organisations with full web-based capabilities for managing all aspects of your operational spatial data, including the ability to:

  • Track location of maritime vessels within and without specified areas.
  • Follow up-to-date information on surveys, and other marine operations, such as cable laying
  • Forecast and compare forecast information with actual / real-time data.
  • Access legacy survey data to create likely timelines for projects.
  • Avoid the need for developers or coders – delivered out-of-the-box and simple, yet powerful, drag and drop visual development tools.


eVO enables you to create, edit, manage and disseminate all port and marine related infrastructure asset information to all users within and without the organisation.


eVO provides all the tools for analysing bathymetric data for maritime operations, including dredging, trenching, communication and utility cable laying, etc.

Oil / Gas and Utilities

eVO supports fully all maritime oil and gas operational data, as well as renewable energy infrastructure data. Enabling all data to be maintained and analysed using the web-based eVO Platform.

Rail Service Management

eVO: enterprise asset management via the browser

All levels of personnel need reliable information. Trust the comprehensive mapping platform that supports not just asset management, but operations in every aspect of your business. Whether you focus on passenger or freight rail, StatMap’s eVO can help you manage assets, maximise throughput, and monitory safety for passengers and employees. Being a web-based platform, eVO enables you to share your information online to instantly communicate throughout your organisation, as well as with stakeholders and customers.

Improving asset management through data awareness

eVO provides you with full information to manage physical assets and promote rail and infrastructure integrity. With the eVO Platform, you can check signalling systems, wayside assets, and more to improve safety and operational performance. Share asset intelligence across your organisation to arrive at a common understanding of problems— and solutions.

eVO: common standards and representation

Automate infrastructure management tasks with eVO Flows. Visualise virtually any linear, physical, or logistical network, whether social or economic. Explore a simplified view of your network to improve operations and make better decisions. eVO helps you represent your spatial data repository database easily, so everyone has greater access to actionable intelligence.

Voyager: eVO’s mobile field application

Empower field and maintenance crews to take up-to-the-minute asset information with them— with eVO’s Voyager. eVO provides a sophisticated and powerful mobile suite of zero code applications, web maps, and templates that make rail inspections and condition validations timely and more accurate. eVO Flows enables you to consolidate your application base onto one platform, so that your trains – passenger and freight – run on schedule, every time.

Improve efficiency and speed

The traditional means of delivering and analysing information via spreadsheets and drawings takes a lot of time. eVO enables this to be speeded up. eVO spatial layers provides information which allows you to see all your information about the company processes: maintenance history, breakdowns, contract areas, geocode groups, and all objects on rail lines. Combine with external data, such as ground types, rainfall, and radar. eVO delivers it all.

Breakdown recovery – improve function recovery times and arrival times. Guide mechanics to specific locations to deal with breakdowns. See drawings linked to breakdown locations – via the document management system – to deliver appropriate information to breakdown crews.

Public Communication

eVO provides a powerful tool for communicating with clients and the general public, because they can follow plans and updates live.

Assets: keeping up with their condition

Understand asset conditions in real time and monitor risk with spatial intelligence. The eVO Platform helps you identify infrastructure needs and prioritise improvements and repairs. Integrate all asset systems, visualise spatial trends, and analyse intelligence. Then, you can communicate your findings across your rail departments for stronger, more streamlined internal collaboration.

Real-time Updates

Get a full picture of your rolling assets, from their location to condition and virtually any other attribute. With real-time intelligence visualised in user-friendly dashboards and web maps, you can carefully monitor the state of operations, tracking daily volume and delays. Enhance performance and profits by transforming raw data into useful information using the eVO Platform.

eVO Flows: Filtering Updates

You need to know when to devote resources to unfolding events. eVO Flows filters big data feeds from unlimited inputs before pushing meaningful alerts to your mobile device or inbox.