Designing better local healthcare services means gaining a better understanding of the community.

Geographic Information Systems are the perfect tool for understanding the local area and uncovering complex cause and effect relationships that influence local health commissioning. It then goes further and aids in the planning, execution, management and review process.

To understand the dynamic of the health economy, commissioners need to be able to understand the national and local picture. GIS can quickly zoom to a national, regional, community, practice, post code or custom level. GIS can overlay and analyse multiple complex datasets to identify underlying issues and gaps in supply and demand. This diagram shows supply and demand gap analysis for GP surgeries.

Demand analysis for GP services and the rationalising and redesign of services to meet changing demographics and restructuring.

eVO assists health analysts and those designing and commissioning services to understand how their services need to operate within local, regional and national contexts. eVO provides simple or complex views of many different criteria which affect the services to be delivered now and in the future – particularly identifying current and predicting future demands on services.