Delivering critical business insight and value is critical and eVO puts this capability into your hands: whether you are visiting sites or presenting at a client’s office. eVO helps you to make sense of your data by incorporating the spatial element, so bringing the value of location knowledge to discern the right location for your next branch, restaurant, storefront, or outlet. Finding the best location is essential for increasing and maximising profits.

eVO Platform does the following:

  • provides the spatial data analytical infrastructure for achieving business performance improvement, allowing companies to take full advantage of location intelligence in making critical business decisions.
  • enables you to deliver functionality for making critical business decisions using web-based applications and analytical tools.
  • enables retail companies to use ‘Location’ to create profits and take the guess work out of site selection and drive sales growth with confidence.

Other property related locational capabilities:

  • Find areas of under-performance and inefficiency.
  • Allocate stock effectively and efficiently to maintain high availability.

Socio-economic analysis

Learn the make-up of underlying profiles for customers using businesses, and identify locations which best fit or are compatible with the demographic which is being targeted by the business model. In so, doing eVO provides the optimum means of bringing the optimal candidate sites to the attention of the business and its strategic planners.

eVO enables you to analyse big data from geocoded business and socio-economic data, allowing you to optimise:

  • Capital expenditure
  • Operational management
  • Profit performance
  • Customer experience


The accessibility of sites in terms of travel times and distances to the business demographic is another essential element of the decision-making criteria. eVO provides Isochrone and travel time analysis for finding find optimal sites for new retail locations.

Examine Supply Chains

Visualise supply chains to investigate potential or actual food contamination to provide assurance in relation to food and product integrity

eVO enables you to model, visualise and analyse your supply chain across the country or the world. It assists in identifying weak points in the supply chain – including identifying natural and political risks – and it helps to provide assurance of the integrity of supply chains, and to better manage risks and ensure that customer demands and expectations are met or exceeded.

Through understanding the ‘where’ in your data, eVO enables you to:

  • visualise costs by location
  • identify factors driving under and over performing stores
  • find a way to make better decisions that increase your profitability
  • reduce business uncertainty and improve store performance

eVO Flows

eVO Flows – built into Earthlight – provides a full platform for creating custom applications, using simple visual builder tools, enabling analysts to create intelligence analytical infrastructure which is focused on the needs of the business.

The Citizen Developer

eVO implements the concept of the Citizen Developer: where location based analysis and its customisation does not depend upon or need coders and software developers. Instead, analysts from all over the business can easily use the tools to create and deploy sophisticated scheduled and ad-hoc locational analysis – so providing just what the business requires, when it is required.