Shining a new light on your data, operations, strategy and business

Corporate and Enterprise GIS and geospatial has never been so easy, straight-forward and powerful.  With StatMap, you’re working with a company whose sole business objective is to provide you with a JavaScript client technology platform – eVO – which gives you the geospatial analytical tools when you need them, how you need them and a continually evolving server platform, offering ever increasing capabilities to suit the business needs of you and your organisation into the future.

eVO is for Evolution:  Leaving the Desktop Behind

eVO represents a quantum step in the Evolution of GIS and geospatial, as it enables you to dispense with the traditional enterprise desktop GIS infrastructure concept, and you can now deploy unlimited functionality from the eVO server engine, via the JavaScript internet browser client, to unlimited numbers of users, in any geographical location, on any device, instantly.

eVO Platform Products

  • Earthlight - Enterprise GIS
  • Aurora - Public Spatial Apps & Workflows
  • Cluster - Information Boards and Reporting
  • Voyager - EVO Mobile Off-line GIS

Unlimited Users

With our unlimited user licencing business model, there are no restrictions upon numbers of users able to access the system and its full functionality.  Similarly, there are no restrictions placed upon server hardware capability. StatMap’s powerful server-based stack of eVO Platform products  are simple to implement and simple to use; rendering them suitable for use throughout an organisation, without the need for local installations of client software, and which can be simply scaled by an administrator – without I.T. involvement – to provide whichever level of functionality and geospatial analytical capability is needed by individual users and / or teams to analyse, manipulate and understand their business user data.

Total Control – Users, Roles and Groups

The close granularity of control for users throughout the organisation enables instantaneous scalable access to all levels of geospatial operational to be granted to any individual user or user groups using the unique architecture characteristics of StatMap software, gives unprecedentedly simple means of controlling the enterprise-wide application.

As a result, a user or administrator can log in anywhere without the need for any desktop, tablet or mobile installations and still experience fully enabled and extremely feature rich geospatial applications with up to and including all the associated capabilities of a fully featured GIS.

Full and complex data editing capability is provided as part of the StatMap server capability because of the extensive bespoke ground-breaking development of our software.  As a cutting edge software house, our software capability leads the field: we do not rely upon repackaging readily available open source components, as other providers do: none of which are sufficiently developed to enable full data editing capability.

Everything, Everywhere

StatMap understand that geospatial technology is as much about data as it is about the tools, so we ensure that our systems are continually at the cutting edge of data interoperability, enabling spatial and business data to be consumed from every available source; both locally and globally, across local and remote networks.
Our OGC compliant Web Mapping Tile Service (WMTS), Web Mapping Services (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) capabilities mean that the eVO products consume as well as publish data services from / to locations around the globe, removing any concerns about data currency and transparency.

No Restrictions

eVO offers a veritable celestial choice of products and approaches to creating, analysing and publishing data in spatial form. There are no device specific implementations required, as they are all Silverlight and Javascript based intranet and internet client applications, with server-centric processing taking the load away from local devices. Therefore, full GIS functionality can still be provided at the desktop level using only light-weight client hardware, such as Citrix WYSE terminals. In so doing, the eVO platform removes any restrictions put upon traditional ‘heavy-weight’ GIS software installations – freeing our users to move any location within their organisation or, indeed, the world where access can be gained to an organisation’s network.

Go Anywhere

eVO’s geospatial analytical capability can be provided as Cloud-based Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) or locally hosted solutions – whichever best suits our clients’ business model.  Our Cloud Services solution offers full flexibility to our clients – freeing up local server space and removing administration duties from the client organisation.  In so doing, the relentless evolution and rapid development of eVO products continues apace in a seamless manner, enabling users to benefit from agile development ethos of continual improvement.