Editing Services

Earthlight editing is unique and cutting-edge in terms of the sophistication and power of its data creation and editing capabilities.  Whilst you can use Earthlight in addition to desktop GIS applications (e.g. ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional, QGIS, etc), Earthlight provides you with the ability to dispense with desktop GIS for editing – as its tools are the equivalent of, or more powerful than, desktop GIS applications.

There are three levels of editing service within the eVO Platform, each of which comprises an increasingly sophisticated capability in terms of creating, editing and managing your enterprise spatial data.

Those three levels – in decreasing order of capabilities – are:


Unparalleled editing capabilities which surpass even fully featured desktop GIS applications.  Available within Galactic and Enterprise levels of Earthlight, and as an optional upgrade service for Foundation.


Includes the ability to handle, create, edit and delete all OGC-compliant spatial data types, but it also includes snapping of nodes and tracing capabilities.

These features (and far more) are available as standard in the Galactic and Enterprise levels of Earthlight, and as an optional service addition for Foundation.


Allows users to edit all attributes, nodes, and create all OGC-compliant geometry and geography types, including points, lines, polygons, multi-point, multi-line, and multi-polygon.

These capabilities are already included within Galactic, Enterprise and Foundation levels of Earthlight.