eVO customers have the option of either managing addressing data themselves – using DataPump ETL to import and manage LLPG, AddressBase, or any other product which is to act as a gazetteer – or using StatMap’s fully managed Addressing Service, which is part of the collection of eVO Data Services (EDS).

The eVO Platform provides the most powerful address searching and matching capabilities on the market.

All of our products offer the same lightning fast and limitlessly scalable gazetteer and address searching capabilities.

Batch geocoding and address matching

Unlimited geocoding – and address matching – capabilities of the EVO Platform are not only embedded within our server applications, but are also available as hosted services: to existing EVO customers or to other organisations who wish to utilise our hosted API services for their business products (e.g. CRM, CMS, etc.)

EVO Data Services: Addressing

StatMap offer a range of fully-maintained hosted gazetteer sources, including Ordnance Survey OpenData sources.

UK-wide addressing datasets are capable of being provided via this service, and are dependent upon the geographical areas which are licenced by service users.

EVO Data Services (EDS) Addressing covers a wide range of gazetteer sources, and enables all values associated with addresses / places / locations to be returned, including address textual elements (e.g. Postcodes, UPRNs) and spatial data (e.g. easting / northing and latitude / longitude).

EDS Addressing covers the following data sources:

OS Open Data
  • OS Names
  • OS Open Roads
  • OS Open Names
  • OS CodePoint Open
  • OS Locator
  • 50,000 Scale Gazetteer
  • Royal Mail PAF addresses
  • NLPG addresses
  • Alternative addresses
  • AddressBase Islands
  • Historical Addresses