Geocoding: introducing the spatial dimension

Critical business decisions are founded on location data, and it is therefore vital to ensure that same locational data is of as high a quality as possible.

Geocoding is the process of adding locational data to standard business data records, and so is the link between organisations being able to take advantage of introducing the spatial aspect to their business data.

StatMap’s eVO Platform provides Geocoding services which deliver the highest performance, in terms of speed, accuracy and deployment, available.

Addressing and Location

When matched with eVO Platform’s geocoding capabilities, OS AddressBase, the LLPG, and any other gazetteer source you may wish to utilise, become a very powerful means of integrating all of your address-based business systems with the eVO Platform – and providing enterprise-wide benefits of harmonising addressing across all of your systems.

Geocoding and Batch Geocoding provides enterprises with unlimited capabilities to match, cleanse and geocode organisational wide datasets, containing a few to millions of records.

eVO Platform enables organisations to pull data from many different locations and repositories. Automated matching, cleansing and geocoding can then be applied to raw business datasets as they are pulled into the eVO spatial data repository database.

Multiple Gazetteers

It is very simple and fast to use any of the AddressBase products as your enterprise gazetteer, or as one of a number of gazetteers. eVO Platform products can support one or more gazetteers – each of which published applications can use.

Nationwide and International Coverage

Geocoding can be undertaken on nationwide and international datasets, as there are no limitations imposed upon the capabilities of the eVO Platform.

Self-Hosted or Cloud Services

eVO Geocoding capabilities are built into Earthlight at Enterprise and Galactic levels of the product. However, eVO Geocoding services are also available as Cloud services. These services rely upon fully up-to-date and current address gazetteers based upon Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium, NLPG, Open Places – and many others. These services can be consumed by either:

  • eVO Platform products;
  • 3rd Party Applications – e.g. CRM, CMS, etc.

Automated Geocoding: Emergency Planning

London Borough of Hounslow employs the automated batch geocoding capabilities of the eVO Platform to match and geocode lists of vulnerable people whose details are recorded in the NHS and social care business management systems operated by the Community Care Partnership scheme.

In so doing, Hounslow are able to ensure that the locations of its most vulnerable residents are identified in the event of any emergencies which may arise. So assisting in the coordination of emergency services in attending to them as a priority.


Flexible and Configurable: Regular Expressions

The power of eVO Geocoding is further extended by the application of Regular Expressions: enabling users to easily configure and specify matching string patterns for geocoding operations

As well as utilising ‘Regex’ pattern recognition when undertaking manual batch geoprocessing and geocoding, users can also utilise ‘Regex’ in automated scheduled geocoding exercises – just as the London Borough of Hounslow have done.