StatMap provide full training services for all of our software applications forming part of the eVO Platform.

Under normal circumstances, StatMap encourage a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach within organisations: whereby the administrators of the system will roll out training internally to users within their multiple business units, focusing on their needs and requirements. However, should organisations wish, we will provide full enterprise-wide training to the users who will be using the system.

Should you wish to arrange for bespoke training, StatMap will work with you to deliver this.

The standard courses offered by StatMap are as follows:

Course Duration (days) Max Attendees
Advanced Earthlight Training 2 8
Earthlight Administrator 2 2
Basic Earthlight Training 2 8
eVO Flows 1 8
Aurora Administrator 2 4
Mobile Off-line
1 8
Meteor (INSPIRE): publishing 1 8

Advanced Earthlight Training

Covers full editing and data administration, including all desktop GIS replacement capabilities. This is a wide-ranging course which equips fully users for maintaining and developing enterprise spatial data.

Basic Earthlight Training

The elementary and basic elements of the software are covered which will empower users to perform the basic query, search, analysis, printing, and extracting data.

eVO Flows Training

Provides full training on using, building and deploying eVO Flows as either integrated functionality within Earthlight (intranet internal and internet public-facing) to be invoked on an ad-hoc basis, or invoked automatically as scheduled routines.

Voyager Training

Field-based staff will be provided with full training on how to use tools within Voyager to capture and maintain data whilst out in the field.

Meteor (INSPIRE) Training

How to set up and configure the Meteor INSPIRE services to enable public searching of the Spatial Catalogue for published metadata, and how to configure data to be streamed via WFS feeds.

Earthlight and Aurora Administration Training

Both are provided as part of a standard installation and configuration process. These provide your system administrators with the ability to fully administrate and use both systems.


Training is provided on premise by our technical staff, and at your convenience. We impose some restrictions in terms of numbers per course, as shown in the table above – relating to maximum number of attendees per course.


Full documentation is provided with all training courses.


All courses are charged at £850 per day for each course. Expenses (e.g. accommodation and travel) may apply, depending upon location.