Banking and financial services have for some years been making increased use of geospatial technologies and data in order to better understand their customers, clients and markets.

StatMap’s banking clients have used our software to better understand their markets, location of services and to provide essential decision support capabilities for rationalising and re-configuring services in light of the changing landscape of financial services and retail banking.


The Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group (CYBG) is the parent company of the Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank.  Both companies comprising the CYBG have been using StatMap’s enterprise geospatial software solutions to assist in their overall aim of providing more focused and efficient location-based retail banking services during an extensive and far-reaching rationalisation process, as well as improving understanding of their insurance business.


Both Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank have sought to redesign the way that they deliver retail banking services.  In the pre-recessionary period, growth of outlets was the driving model, whereas now a long-term rationalisation process has been in-train to maintain services but to reduce overheads by reducing and re-focusing retail banking outlets and the services delivered via their branch network.


Central to the rationalisation process is the use of geographic data and the enterprise GIS platform provided by StatMap.

“We found that we had a need for a single platform of software for both of our banking arms [Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank] in order to provide georeferenced data for our customer base as well as branch location and associated metrics.  StatMap provided us with a platform which was ideal for our needs, being as it was entirely internet browser client-based, and removed the overhead of installations; which was in-keeping with our ethos of delivering our corporate business applications to employees via http services.”

“StatMap has provided us with very powerful server-based GIS software which is proving invaluable in greatly assisting us in our companies’ on-going programme for identifying, through complex spatial analysis of customer and official statistical demographic data, where we can best re-focus our resources and retail banking operations.”  –  Stephen Whittle,  CYBG Operational Analysis Restructuring Director

Credit-Agricole logo

Credit Agricole Group, the national French financial and banking institution, has adopted StatMap software as the basis for their enterprise geospatial software platform to be integrated with their finance and insurance operations.

Essential to their operations, particularly in the sparsely populated regions of France where Crédit Agricole are often the sole retail banking outlet, it is vital that the understanding of accessibility and delivery of appropriate services to rural communities.

Crédit Agricole have also migrated EVO Platform to be the underpinning technology for spatial analysis for their insurance operations provided via their Crédit Agricole Assurances arm.  This has proven essential in analysing risks for underwriting services, as well as identifying exposure in particular geographic regions, including claims data analysis.

“Our operations needed a unified enterprise system which could scale up to provide a fully comprehensive service across our national operations.  Supplying services to remote communities has always been a challenge for us, and the use of spatial analysis has been utilised for some years.  We moved to the EVO Platform in 2016, as it provided a perfect fit for our operations.  We look forward to working with StatMap in the future in using their software to help us to further revolutionise our business.  Their employees’ fluency in French is very helpful.”Lucien Macroux,  Chef de Project Systèmes d’information