StatMap provide enterprise GIS software solutions to global engineering companies.

Campbell Reith is a leading firm of international consulting civil and geotechnical engineers. Campbell Reith use StatMap’s cutting-edge EVO Platform application software to underpin their UK and increasingly international operations.

Crossrail – City of London

Campbell Reith were appointed to provide structural engineering services for the Crossrail project: to review, monitor and report damages to properties due to these works and to approve any necessary repairs.  Earthlight has been fundamental for managing structural data on a spatial basis – ensuring data is available to all staff and employees.

Earls Court – Reconstruction

Campbell Reith were the consulting engineers for the demolition of Earls Court. It was vital to avoid tunnel disturbance and they needed an efficient way of finding which structures were where for the purposes of removing existing foundations from the Earls Court building, and identifying those which needed to be left in place in order to protect the tunnel.

Using Earthlight on tablets has enabled damage reports to be created and damage assessment information to be maintained in the field. Earthlight has also proven invaluable for accessing plans for pre-war structures the subject of major construction properties.

National Clinic Programme – Ghana

The Government of Ghana contracted Campbell Reith to be the lead design and construction engineers for a new national health hospital and clinic network. Earthlight and Voyager have performed a central role in providing the capability of using aerial imagery in-lieu of detailed large scale mapping – which is not available for most of the areas covered by the programme – for the engineers and site staff.

Versions: controlling the data lifecycle

Reconciling Data Conflicts

Partnership of Urban South Hampshire: planning in partnership

Partnership of Urban South Hampshire (PUSH), a partnership set up between local authorities in the south Hampshire area for the purpose of identifying areas for new additional housing for the region.

Campbell Reith coordinate operation between all local authority members of PUSH, landowners, consultants, lawyers and interest groups.

Earthlight and Aurora have proven essential to this expansive role – allowing sharing of data and information with all stakeholders, and allowing stakeholders to manage and maintain their own data. All via a single eVO application server platform, using internet browser clients.