Insurance: the spatial dimension

eVO Platform applications provide a full enterprise geospatial solution (either Self or Cloud-hosted) for insurers and reinsurers to integrate the spatial data throughout their operations.

Risk Assessment: predict risks better.
Claims Management: respond to customers more quickly.
Insurance Underwriting: assess proximity of items and assets to hazards and their likelihood of being affected.
Insurance Fraud: the investigation of many areas of claims fraud can be improved by geographic data, including the provision of false addresses to obtain lower premiums.

Identifying, Pricing and Managing Risks

With the margins for carriers of risk – whether they be companies, organisations and individuals – being squeezed ever tighter, it is important to utilise all of the tools and data available in assessing and mitigating risk in order to maximising those returns.

The correlation of risks by Location is fundamental to insurers in understanding and evaluating risks associated with underwriters and carriers, how risk should be priced – and whether or not to provide cover at all.

Portfolio Risks: it also provides a thorough understanding of exposure to risk throughout an entire portfolio, and a far greater understanding of how risk can be spread spatially at different geographical scales: from local, regional, national, to global levels.

eVO Platform: improving performance

Insurers are now using analytical workflow applications built on the eVO Platform to improve business performance. Spatial visualisations and dashboards provide new insight into risks and assets, while enhancing the claims process. It enables the identification of locations where different risk models produce different results and evaluate the impact of different events on profitability.

The eVO Platform provides the ability to analyse and present risk assessment information in a map-based visualisation solution. At different scales, it enables carriers to obtain a deeper understanding of global risk profiles, and also be able to analyse risks down to a building / asset feature level.

Mitigating Risk

Basing decisions upon spatial analytics enables carriers can take steps to mitigate and spread risks to avoid over exposure in particular vulnerable regions to events such as natural catastrophe and the location of supply chain assets.

Multiple Devices

eVO based applications can be used on any device, incorporating data derived from specialist data suppliers which, in turn, incorporate specialist engineering expertise. Because the eVO Platform has removed the need for locally installed desktop products, analysts and underwriters are now able to operate from any location and have access to powerful specialist applications without via an internet browser.


As well as being stand-alone applications, the eVO Platform provides a rich set of APIs for integration with specialist analytical software, including IBM Cognos, so enriching the analytical outputs from third parties.


eVO allows for a better understanding of how customers are likely to be affected by events such as storm and flooding. It enables both proactive and reactive actions to be undertaken.

Proactive aspects include offering advice to customers upon how to mitigate against the effects of predicted events. Thus potentially reducing subsequent claims.

Effective Claims Management

eVO assists insurers in directing claims adjusters and investigators to appropriate locations, and to visit clients who are in close vicinity of one another.

Solvency II

As part of the evolving financial regulations, insurers are required to better understand their exposure to risks and devise strategies in order to manage and mitigate risks.

eVO provides the ability to spatially analyse risks at all scales: from local to global.

eVO: the platform for success

Ultimately, the eVO Platform enables brokers, insurers and re-insurers to make better business decisions at all scales, from individual assets to global risk portfolios.