Courier is the fastest, most complete, and simplest-to-use Ordnance Survey vector loading software available on the market. It deals with unlimited geographical areas, handling both full loads, change only updates, as well as building and maintaining routing networks from OS ITN and Highways datasets.

Because of the speed and capabilities of Courier, it is simple to manage data at all levels: from local to national.

Courier comes free with Earthlight and / or Aurora, or it can be purchased separately as a standalone OS vector data loader.

Ordnance Survey MasterMap Schema 9 compliant

Courier is compliant with Ordnance Survey’s Schema 9 for MasterMap.  As an Ordnance Survey development partner, we ensure that Courier is compliant with all up-and-coming and future schema – therefore you can be sure that Courier will always keep you ahead of the game.

OS Integrated Transport Network (ITN) and Highways:

Build and maintain UK-wide unlimited street networks for routing and logistical analysis and problem solving

Benefits of Courier

  • Manage unlimited extents of Ordnance Survey vector datasets;
  • Fastest OS vector loader on the market
  • Simple to use GUI;
  • No coding;
  • Comes free with any eVO Platform application product
  • Loads data to: MS SQL Server 2008 (and later), PostGIS, Oracle 10g (and later), or StatMap SpaceMap respository.
  • Handles Change Only Updates (CoUs) and Full imports of OS vector datasets;
  • Build local or national routing networks – using RRI – for OS ITN and Highways within the UK;
  • Using Earthlight: export defined geographical extents of MasterMap to .dxf, .shp, .tab, mid/mif formats;
  • Export defined geographical extents of MasterMap to .gml;
  • Manage indexes;
  • Modelling;
  • Table Creation;
  • Partitioning.


Courier is massively scalable in terms of the size of geographic extents that it can maintain.

So whatever the size of your data, it is simple for Courier to keep your organisation’s base mapping up-to-date.  It is hassle-free and offers sector beating performance.

Courier is the complete, easy-to-use solution for loading and managing XML data into your relational database. Courier provides you with a loading tool which is ‘schema aware’: enabling you to load any XML (or GML) datasets – now and in the future – without having to make software changes and upgrades. And all with no coding required.